Ahh…long time no see, Tumblr. I’ve been without my computer for a minute, and my phone, although an Android, is just too small for me to make posts from so I’ve been away…but I’m here again and ready to go. 

So, I’m still working, still getting used to server life. I had a very challenging day on Saturday, and I didn’t go to work on Sunday. Not to get into specific details, but I felt very disrespected and could not deal with it. 

Im okay though, tomorrow I will go in with a smile on my face and determination to make as much cash as I possibly can. I have to also register for school which starts next week. 

I started watching Black Ink Crew tonight, and I’m totally down for going into Harlem to get a tatt from one of these guys. I support black people, especially black tattoo artists because I don’t see too many of them these days.

I’d love to open a shop of my own and hire a bunch of multicultural people. I don’t know if that sounds funny, but I think its important to have an identifying factor when opening a business. All people can go, but I wanna put my ethnic brothers and sisters on the map.